Various Sectors in the postal department in the US

Postal service is one of the driving force of any nation due to its significance in building a country from its core. Without a functioning post office, a country would be devastated. You will find a post office at every corner of US, either its a city, town or a deserted village, the post office would be functional with an active staff working day in and day out, even back in the classical age. There are very less possibilities of today’s generation using the postal services. To know more search for Liteblue Login and get a clear picture of the postal department and its services.

Postal department statistics in the US

To understand how important the postal service is for the US, we have rounded up some of the interesting facts about the United States Postal Service till its inception. It will help you understand the achievement a postal department has made in our society

– A Postal department has over 500,000 employees working in every sector as of 2017

– The total mail volume in 2017 alone is around 149.5 billion emails

– Total routes made by delivery vans were 230,000 altogether in 2017

– The total number of vehicles owned by the parcel department in the US is around 231,000

– The postal service also provides a self-service postal kiosk around the US which have generated around $418 million in 2017

– Each fortnight, the postal department pays around $1.4 billion in salaries and benefits

The reason for pointing out some of the statistics will make you understand the vast horizon of the postal industry in the US and how important it is to apprehend its significance for nation-building.

Various Sectors in Postal Department

With such a responsible work like delivering time restricted posts on a daily basis, it is important to understand the sectors which are playing its role from handling, storage, dispatch to deliver in the US. Here we are going to talk about various sectors that play its role in an undisputed postal delivery network.

  1. Mail carriers

These your usual mailman operating a certain type of van for delivering mails. These trucks are equipped with a modern system which helps the delivery person to drop the packages with the pinpoint location, without any delay.

  1. Regional Post Office

A semi modernizes postal office equipped with location tracking and a mail forwarder system which automates the entire process to deliver mail on their respective careers. On the receiving end, the parcel through these centers is reorganized in a much more sophisticated location used as a staging point.

  1. Sectional Center Facility

A Sectional Center Facility (SCF) in the US postal department is the medium size distribution and processing center. These centers are designated to provide a staging area between the regional post office and distribution centers. These facilities are equipped with racks and staff responsible to dispatch the parcels once they’re provided a go ahead.

  1. Network Distribution Center

This is where all the magic happens. The most ultimate and entirely automated facility to distribute, assemble and dispatch your packages with high accuracy and instantaneous motions. The working of these facilities is usually through automated means.


With over 47% of the world, mail is managed by postal service around 12 million corporate emails are delivered on a daily basis, it’s safe to say that the postal service in the US is the most important industry among the rest of the batch.

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