Almost everyday, we have to deal with finance. We often have to think bout our personal investments and decide on the best option. Here are some resources that will help you to be more knowledgeable about the financial world.

Get Rich Slowly

It is a very popular blog that covers personal finance topics for people in a simple tone that is understandable by all. You will find articles in investing for beginners, money saving tips, reviews of personal finance, etc.

The Simple Dollar

This site is helpful for those who are in huge debt. This site will help your to get out of the debt and solve your complex monetary situaoin. You can learn from someone who has been on the same road before. Their stories will inspire you.

Wise Bread

It is a community blog that features many talented finance advisors who give advice on how to live frugally. You will learn a lot of things about saving money.


This is a very useful site for those who doesn’t have any idea where to invest. There are aticles, tools, tutorials, simulations, and more in this site. You will know about normal people who know a lot about investing.

It is essential to take good care of your finances. You should how about the current trend in the finacial market and the best place to invest your hard earned money in.