How e-receipts can be used to promote business

In early 2000, before the benefits of the email was known, Apple Store and only a few startups saw that there could be substantial growth in this movement. Considering the environmental benefits of using e-receipts and also ‘go green’ campaign going mainstream. Digital receipts became a significant part of the business no matter what their industry, size or type it became the rage as the benefits of e receipts can lead to a substantial growth of the business in terms of consumers and also profitability.

E-receipts in the basic sense can be achieved by following these steps.

  • Ask the consumer for their email address
  • Cashier send out a digital receipt
  • The consumer receives the receipts in the email inbox

Less Expensive

Paper receipts cost the retail industry a lot of dollars. In, an e-receipts there is no paper or printing involved it saves a lot of money and also reduces the overall cost of the business.

Enables retailers to include marketing messages

This technology helps retailers include personalised marketing messages directly to the consumer. E-receipts help retailers build their email lists and gather consumer data.

Effective marketing programme

By gathering information about the consumers, retailers can identify the consumers beneficial for their company and customise and make available the type of product they are interested in and provide them with the best treatment which would encourage them to visit them again and again.

Faster service

E-receipt is a convenient and easy way to speed up the check out process and help assist the consumers better and also this help in reducing the potential of fraud.

Allows retailers to deliver unique content

E-receipts enables retailers to produce and deliver unique content targeted towards a specific consumer according to their previous purchases such as purchased goods, offers, items available only online etc.,

Boosts online store traffic

E-receipts boosts online traffic and also provide retailers with social media to help the retailer serve them better. This helps maintain a friendly relationship with the consumer. Also, retailers can upload special announcements, offers, etc., for better sales.

Provide the consumer with greater satisfaction

E-receipts also provide retailers with a way to get to know their consumers and learn about the individual consumer with their needs and ensure clarity and accuracy, which will eventually lead to consumer satisfaction and also loyalty.

Technologies to make e-receipts better and more beneficial for the retailers are being promoted, helping retailers of any business receive the most out the experience they make with their consumers and also provide retailers with a better idea on how to serve their consumers and help their business grow.

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