Headphones broken? Here are some helpful resources to get them fixed quick

There are some terrible days that occur unexpectedly sometimes. Those days when you are using your headphone and suddenly it just start acting up. We all expect our headphones to last, but we also fail to understand that many issues associated with broken headphones can easily be fixed.

There are different places that might need repair in a headphone. It might be the Jack, the Cable, or the speaker part.  When fixing a headphone, it is necessary to find out where the fault is from by just testing it with a device. This is so you will know which part of the headphone needs repair.  While it can be done, sometimes it’s a bit too difficult for some people to tackle head first.  So, the first thing we suggest is seeing if your headphones are still under warranty.  For example, you can find out about Beats by Dre’s warranty here, or try and find a direct phone number.  When a pair of my headphones broke, I found the direct number for Littlewoods wireless where I bought the headphones.  You can contact Littlewoods here.

If you’re out of warranty though, here are some helpful resources to get your headphone fixed.

Jack Fault

Clean the Jack: When you insert the jack of your headphone into a device and it doesn’t pick a sound or the sound is cranky, the very first thing you need to do is to check for dirt on the jack. Bring out the jack and clean it before inserting it. If it continues, then be assured that it is not dirt.

Fix a new Jack: After discovering that the jack is the fault, you will need to change the jack. Go to any repair store and get a new jack. The jack of some headphones can easily be screwed open while some will be cut off totally. Make sure that the jack you bought is of the same size. Then remove the old jack and connect the cables back into the new jack accordingly.

Cable Fault

To find out whether the cable is faulty, bend the cable in 90-degree pattern and if it gives a cranky sound, then you have discovered the fault.

Cut open the cable: the first thing to do is to first cut open the cable at the very point where it is cranky sound. Cut off about one inch to the left and one inch to the right to make sure that the faulty part of the cable is removed totally.
Join the cable: After removing the faulty part of the cable, join the cable back together making sure that the colors are the same. You can do this by twisting the exposed cable of the same colors together to great a join.
Solder and Cover with tube: To be sure of the firmness of the joining, solder the joined part together with a soldering iron. This ensures the firmness of the cables. And then cover them up with a tube in other not to expose the soldered part.

Speaker Fault

The speaker is where the sound comes out. The fault here is either that the speaker is bad or a cable is disjoined.
If the speaker is bad, then you need to get another speaker of the same size and follow this procedure.

1) Open up the speaker cover: When this is opened, look for any dis-joined cable and solder it back using a soldering iron. Make sure to use the soldering iron carefully to avoid the damage of other cables. And if the speaker is back, go to a repair part store and get a speaker of the same size. Solder the cables back accordingly as well.

Fixing your headphones is one simple way to pass time. Try these simple steps and you might just have your favorite headphones back to life.

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