Penny Stock Investing: Is It Safe?

A lot of serious investors might sneer at the thought of putting even the slightest bit of money into penny stock trading, but there are plenty of examples of people that struck it rich doing just that. Here are a few examples:

  • Tim Grittani – Took $1,500 and turned it into over $1m over the course of 3 years.  His prowess in the penny stock trading comes as a huge shocker to a lot of people who would think that penny stock trading isn’t lucrative at all.  Tim attributes his success in the penny stock trading game to his ability to stay patient and sell when the market is going to give you the best value. It’s a slow roll to the top.
  • Connor Bruggemann – Took a small investment he made as a bus boy at a BBQ joint and turned it into over $300,000 one summer using Etrade to primarily trade penny stocks.  This was while still in high school at the young age of 16.  Connor took a huge risk, but in the end reaped the rewards of beinga young and successful penny stock trader.
  • Timothy Sykes – After investing a good amount into penny stocks Timothy was known to have made millions by the age of 21.  Using one of his favorite tip platforms, Penny Stocks,  he ended up striking gold with a lesser known company then being built in their grandma’s garage, AGBB Manufacturing Company.

So if you were wondering weather or not trading penny stocks could land you in a mansion and shiny new Ferrari, then the answer is yes; just don’t expect it to be easy, and chances are you’ll be losing money.  For more information on Penny Stock Trading then visit our Resources Page.

Hosting Reviews: Where To Get The Most For Your Money

Save Money By Choosing The Right Host

At MissingMoney.Com we care about all types of business, and how you can get the most for your buck.  Considering most of us are digital marketers, then it’s important as all heck to make sure you have the right hosting.  Hosting can make or break an online business, and we want to make sure that everyone following our blog gets the most out of the information we provide.

Hosting is one of those tricky subjects, maybe I want to go cheap and put a bunch of sites on individual cheap hosts… maybe i want to take a lot of sites and put them on shared hosts… the point is that no matter what, you are going to need resources to make sure you pick the right hosting services out there.  We’ve compiled a few of our favorite hosting resources right here.  Feel free to dig through.

  • RackSpace – One of our favorite hosts when it comes to working online.
  • Bit Pak – The best place to find reviews on all the top hosting providers, hit them up if you do seo or anything in the digital advertising arena

Whenever going through these bits of information it’s incredibly important to get the most out of every resource provided.  Go through every page and detail of the information provided on these hosting services to ensure that you are kept extremely happy with everything you do.  If you need more information then feel free to visit our forums to chat.  Things to look for in a hosting provider

  • Are they fast?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Do they provide top notch customer service?
  • Are you sharing an IP Address with a bunch of spammy sites?

For more information make sure you visit our friends at – Austin’s Top Seo Service

Foot Massager Heist Goes Viral

In an insane turn of events last week, it appears that a group of armed men attacked Foot Media Personnel International and got away with over 6,349 foot massagers that were destined for New Orleans.  This is one of 15 similar massage crimes committed over the course of the last decade, and we are sure it won’t be the last.

Details We Have on the Crime:

  • There were 76 armed gunmen who attacked and killed 63 people in order to get away with the foot massagers: Check these top foot massagers
  • There have been 362 arrests made by the Congolese army in response to the foot massage theft
  • This will go down as the greatest foot massage theft in history

These are the current facts we have on this bit of breaking news.  For more Information Visit the Viral Video –

Boost Your Credit Report

The Best Way To Pick Your Line Of Credit:

Business credit cards help to provide capital for all new business people in their new business venture. It is a great boom to all entrepreneurs who will need financing to start their new project whether be it small or big. Previous business owners had to first build their savings and go in for loans to start their new business. But now the credit card companies do offer business credit cards to help these people to start and build their new businesses.

New business credit cards are different from ordinary credit cards in many ways. They are specially designed to give support to the business people by means of giving cash advances to meet their business needs. American Express knows a thing or two about that.  These advances include expenditure like payroll and inventory. The business credit cards thus come handy to the new business people who can become really successful in their business.

When you go in for a business card you have to strictly maintain separate accounts of your business expenses. You should never club your personal expenses with your business expenses. You should maintain a separate business balance sheet and should avoid funding these expenses with your personal credit cards. You have to strictly follow this advice.

There are different companies offering these different types of business cards. The terms and conditions vary depending on the company. They would have their own rules and regulations for penalty charges etc. The rate of interest will vary from company to company. There will be difference in the amount given as cash advances by different companies. Even the grace time offered varies between different companies. As an entrepreneur you have to make a research of these companies that offer the business cards and choose the best that suits your business needs. You can go online and search for these companies and do a comparative study. Almost all these companies have their own web portal created defining the details of the credit cards they offer.

Choose Wisely, A Credit Card Is A Big Deal

It is always advisable for those who are going in for these business credit cards to make them familiar with the credit card terminology. They should verify the details like the annual fees charged, late payment charges etc before choosing the company. Even after obtaining your card you should keep track of all the statements that are issued periodically and see to t there are no mistakes done while making the statements.  If you make a mistake then check out this tutorial – How to Remove a Charge Off from Your Credit Report .

It is always best to get a business credit card from someone whom you are already familiar with, you can check this Facebook Page for info on how to keep your credit tight. These help in smooth transaction between you and the company. You will already be familiar with their charges and they would have a good idea about your credit history which will be beneficial to both of you.

The advantageous we see from business credit cards are as follows. The cash advances are thus streamlined. The overall operational expenses for the new business are reduced. The amount spent on employees gets monitored. The relationship with the clients and vendors are monitored. The cash flow is highly maximized.

4 ways to save money for kid’s education today

Raising children and bearing their education cost is a real challenge most parents face. But if you are prepared early, then you may be able to save a lot of fund for your kid’s education. These are the best ways to save money for your child’s education.

529 Plans


It is an educations savings plan that sets aside funds for future education cost of your child. You can have either prepaid or savings plans. In a savings plan, you contribute to mutual funds or other investments. Another plan is to start to pay for the in-state public college now in small amounts.With a pre-pay plan you can actually pay for your child’s education at today’s value.

Make it a gift

FFSC teaches kids to save money

When your family members or friends wants to purchase gifts for your child for birthdays or holidays, you should ask them to give you the money instead so that you can add it to your child’s college savings fund. We had a man who totally wrecked his child’s dream of ever going to college by investing in poorly thought out business plans.  Though the company who claimed they had the ultimate American Dakota rugs on sale was strong in the sense of local business, they were prob not the best investment option for someone to put their entire college tuition into.  Read about it on their Facebook.

Savings Bonds


They are a safe investment. The interest earned on the bonds won’t be lost due to the changes in the market. The interest is tax free when the bonds are used to pay for your child’s education.

Make a budget


You can use online money management program to come up with a budget. This way you will know about your debt-income ratio. You need to cut costs increase your savings.

By setting aside a portion of the money as savings for your child’s education is a very effective method. You should start saving money for your kid today, before its too late.

Top 4 trends that are changing the financial institutions today

The financial institutions are now having a paradign shift due to some trend in the financial industry. The demographic and behavioural changes are creating customers with different expectations. The business operating models are now more customer and product oriented. Here are the major trends.

Regulatory changes


After the financial crisis, the regulatory pressure have hightened the cost of capital. Businesses now have to invest in more capital-intensive businesses. Banks are no longer lending to SMEs and infrastructure. The non-banking financial institutions are offering competitive services to the clients of banks.

Technological advancements


The technological advancements are changing the financial institutions significantly. It has created new business models and offered access to new markets. Various low cost services are now available. Technology is also changing the way clients are interacting with financial institutions.

Demographic and behavioural changes


The young generation has various expectations about financial organizations. They are now more comfortable using online and social media platforms.

Need for new leaders


With the advancement of technology and strict regulations, you need to have a good leader on your team to guide you with all your investment decisions. A good leader will be able to understand the financial market trend and take effective decisions.

These four trends are reshaping the entire financial instutions. The restrictions, technological advancement, behavioural changes, etc. are driving the financial market today and we should be well aware of it. You should always know about the market trend so that you can act accordingly.