One of the most popular techniques in black hat marketing is internet marketing which will allow you to spot fake review sites. A fave review can easily superficially located when compared to the rest. But, there are certain tips which will allow you the ability to read more into these website reviews which can allow you to spot a fake review.

Check if the outgoing links include an affiliate tracking code

This is one of the most transparent ways to look into it, as most often than not, the link is directly linked to a registered bank account. There are many affiliate marketers who need to be able to get credit for everything, so look for a tracking code in the URL.

Affiliate relationships can be found in all fake review sites, but it does not have to be true

It is possible to earn an affiliate income without resorting to any form of deceptive marketing. Try to make sure that you are using the information to make the right judgement which can allow the customer to evaluate the trustworthiness of any affiliate reviewer.

Look for FTC disclosure statement

The FTC requires reviewers to declare any conflicts they might have regarding a product of review. If these reviews contain affiliate and do not disclose the fact, they are violating the law. If you want to learn more about this, click on to for more information.

Look at what else is on the site

If you open a website and you see the whole page is filled with advertising and impartial reviews, the author has no expectations for the visitors to return. This is one of the main aspects which can be spotted to help make them money and not about the visitors.

Look at the dates on the webpage

More often than not, fake reviewers will change the dates and make their age look more recent than it is. If you see that the page contains a blog-like column where the people have reacted on the product, you can see that the dates are misleading. If you suspect a fake time stamp and want to catch it, try to make sure that you are changing the date and allowing your company to reload the changes that took place on the page.

Look for locations, especially the ones near to you

Try to look into the details of location as this will allow you to win your trust by appearing more on the local rather than international. You can also look into the website to look into their promoting factors which can allow you to understand the location difference. This is one of the best ways to spot a fake review website.