Best stock traders in the world

Though this is one of the most unreliable and the most dangerous income to be trusted with your life yet there are many people who have made millions by trading in the stock market, and they follow a pattern in order to invest in the right place and then when the share value increases they sell the shares to any other person and then again invest in any other company, they follow this cycle and they get better in it day by day. To be a stock trader one has to be really good at analytics and also be the best in number to be on the top of the game.

Here are some of the top traders in the world who become the best in their field and they are all millionaires today.

Jesse Liver more.

He is the author of the book “how to trade in stock”, he is known around the trading world for making some of the best decisions that a stock trader could have made and he is a person who is known to be very watchful very shred in understand the pulse of the market and also the traders around the world like him. His name is very well known around the trade chat rooms from making some of the most unusual trade decisions that have been which have helped him to become the billionaire that he is today the most amazing decision that he took at the last was when he sold all of his shares before 1929 for huge amounts of money right before the stock crashed in the year 1929.

Ed Seykota.

He is a man known to trade by following patterns this is one of the ways that not everyone can follow and become the best at it, as you will also have to be constant at watch and learning the pattern of the market and find out a way to increase the quality of the price of the share, he started with $ 5000 while he started to trade in stocks and shares and this ended up with $ 15,000,000 this is quite an achievement for anyone who starts trading with such a low amount. The only thing that stresses on is to watch the pattern that is followed in the market.

Richard Dennis.

He was known as the prince of the pit it was he who turned $1600 to $200 million in 10 years, and he along with his friend William Eckhart founded the turtle traders where the choose 21 of the most common people and taught them how to trade in stocks and shares and how to become better at it day by day , and all the 21 members did, and all of them become millionaires it was Richard Dennis who showed that any average person could become rich if they have the right training and mentors.

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