How to reset your iPhone if it’s not working

Mobile phones and computers are practically the same. Phones are like little computers that fit the hand and your pocket. Most time we forget that we need to treat our phones similar to the way we treat our laptops and desktop when there is a problem.  Phones also need restarting and resetting as well.

IPhones are no difference; restarting and resetting your IPhone can bring your mobile phone functioning properly again. However, resetting your IPhone sometimes involves deleting contents and applications from the phone. This is basically so it can restart like a fresh mobile phone, and you might have to restore your contents back into the phone from the backup.

There are several reasons why your IPhone will need a reset like when your IPhone is hung or unresponsive, when the power button is broken or when it is not recognized by iTunes.

When these happen, you need to reset your IPhone. Here is how to reset your IPhone.

For IPhone 7 series, the hard reset is a bit different since the home button is no longer a true button on these models. Another difference with the IPhone7 series is that you don’t hold down the home button but the down volume button.


Back up your IPhone

 The first thing to do before the reset is to back up your device by connecting it to your computer, unlock it and then wait for it to show up in ITunes. The next thing to do is to click the panel and follow the instructions.


Step 1

After backing up your phone. Click on setting, and then General. Slowly scroll down until you find reset.


Step 2

 After clicking on reset, tap Erase all content and Setting. You will not be able to perform the reset option except you know the password of your mobile phone or your IPhone password is not set up. Once you tap this option, every data and file in the media will be deleted.


Step 3

 The next thing to do is to enter the Apple ID you registered when you bought the phone. This will enable the removal of this account from your phone.


Step 4

 By now the reset has started. This reset takes about 2/3mins that will ask you to swipe if you want to continue and swipe After that your mobile phone is ready to be sold out.

Now that your IPhone is reset, there is nothing at all to be worried about.  In few min time, it will come up with your backed up details and then you are ready to sell off your phone is you like. For more information, visit